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Questions and Answers

Where do I start?

Fill out the cake inquiry form by clicking on the "Get a Quote" link at the top of this page. I can help guide you once I have a few basic questions answered. There is a separate form for wedding cake under "wedding cake inquiry"

How much should I expect to pay for a cake?

Prices vary based upon the size and design of the cake. The prices listed on the menu are base prices for undecorated cakes that are frosted without any designs or decorations. Prices increase with time, difficulty of designs, and materials needed for a design.

How far in advance should I place my order?

The sooner you order, the better it would be for both of us. There is a rush for orders two weeks and under, given that I am able to squeeze it in. For weddings I recommend at least a three months or longer, the less time I have the less likely you are to get your design exactly as you want it. A great time to inquire about your wedding cake is after your venue has been selected and booked. Venues may take up a large chunk of your budget so knowing what it is will allow you to decide on your cake budget. 

How do I reserve a date and time?

A 50% deposit is due to reserve your spot and the remainder is due before you pick up your order.

Short notices and rush fees?

I saw a cake on Pinterest, can you make it?

Do you make gluten, egg, dairy free, or nut free bakes?

Unfortunately, I am not able to accommodate ANY dietary restrictions and allergy sensitive cakes at this time.

Why is my cake quote so much more expensive than the grocery store?

There is a $20 rush fee for orders within a week of event date if I am able to accommodate an order on short notice. With less time, I may find myself driving around to purchase ingredients and decorations and settling for items that cost more if I am not able to search online options.  Rushed orders also affect my family's schedule.

I do not recreate cake designs. Cake artists put a lot of time into their designs and I prefer not to copy. I can oftentimes do something similar, but will not create an exact replica.  I'm happy to create something new based the visions you have for your cake. Please look at my gallery, and IG account.

This is a great question. Unlike grocery stores that make cakes in bulk, and are provided with bulk mixes and pre-processed frosting, I make everything fresh from scratch. My vanilla buttercreams have 5 ingredients, two of them being vanilla and table salt. Have you ever read the ingredient list on grocery store cakes or frostings? They are packed with preservations to help make them shelf stable. In addition, I am a one woman show, doing everything myself. Your cake price includes raw ingredient costs but also my time for designing, researching, shopping, making specific decorations etc. Any cake I make you will be 100% worth every penny. 

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