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Not just a cake!

At Anjuli's Cake Reflections each and every cake is designed to your specifications!

My name is Anjuli, I am the owner, baker and designer at Anjuli's Cake Reflections and I'd love to be your wedding or party cake baker.

For years I only baked for my family and maybe a few close friends.

Anjuli's Cake Reflections was born just a few years ago out of pure mental and emotional necessity.

I am a breast cancer survivor, and I am thriving through my creative bakes.

Following my cancer treatments I desperately needed something to fill the void left behind after I had completed my treatments.


I had gone from over a year and a half of appointments, surgeries, and radiation therapy where I was constantly under the watchful eyes of medical experts. When it was done, I felt lost. I was already grieving the loss of my breasts but now I had to figure out how to navigate this strange new normal on my own.

Baking and cake decorating became the creative outlet that saved my sanity.

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